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    Canadian Children’s Rights Council – Resource centre for children’s rights in Canada
    Divorce - advice and reading suggestions, including Divorced Dad’s Survival Book and Reading Room
    Everyman – Canada’s best men’s & father’s publication
    Fair Parenting – Do you have clients that have questions about developing a parenting plan (the schedule and protocols for children with separated parents)?

    The Fair Parenting Project has teamed up with Google Helpouts to offer separating and separated parents online video Helpouts on parenting plan considerations, design and best practices. How to avoid common pitfalls to make sure children can enjoy community activities (sports, music, clubs, etc.) and services (school bus, daycare, etc.) while parents enjoy autonomy and avoid friction.

    Gender Issues Lots of links on a wide range of gender subjects aimed at youth
    Gender Bias in the Courts of Canadian Family Law An article by lawyer Gene C. Colman
    Men’s Defense Association A common sense approach to gender issues.
    Men’s Educational Support Association (MESA)
    Men’s Divorce Centre – A Toronto operation with lawyers that helps men help themselves for a fee higher than most Self-Help kits but a lot cheaper than having your own lawyer.
    Men Web Bert Hoff’s excellent site on men’s issues
    Men Stuff
    Men’s and Father’s Support Groups across Canada
    National Coalition For Men
    1in6.org - Their mission is helping men who have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood have healthier, happier lives.
    Vancouver M.E.N.
    Yahoo’s Index on Fathering Over 30 links.
    Yahoo’s Index on Men
    Yahoo’s Index on Men’s Groups